Recognized Days, Weeks, Months

January — Cervical Health Awareness Month
March — Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
April — Cancer Control Month, National Minority Cancer Awareness Week (3rd week)
May — National Skin Cancer Awareness Month
June — National Cancer Survivor’s Day (1st Saturday)
September — Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month, Leukemia Awareness Month, Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, Prostate Cancer Awareness Week (3rd week)
Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
October — National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
November — Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Cancer Awareness Ribbons 

Pink   —  Breast Cancer
Teal   —  Ovarian Cancer
Clear  —   Lung Cancer
Purple  —   Pancreatic Cancer
Orange   —  Leukemia
Black  —   Melanoma
Brown   —  Colon Cancer
Royal Blue  —   also Colon Cancer
Burgandy  —   Multiple Myeloma
Gray  —   Brain Cancer
Blue  —   Prostate Cancer
Gold  —   Childhood Cancer
Lavender  —   General Cancer Awareness
Lime   —  Lymphoma
Peach   —  Uterine Cancer
Kelly  —   Kidney Cancer
Teal/White  —   Cervical Cancer
Beige/Burgandy  —   Oral, Head & Neck Cancer

Breast Health Guide

Leading a healthy lifestyle is recommended to protect your overall health and may help reduce your risk for certain cancers. Follow these tips, facts, and comprehensive information to stay up-to-date.