Home Medications 
Many at-home medications are necessary to help in a patient’s fight with cancer. Often these prescriptions can be very expensive and non-affordable by patients on a limited/fixed income. The Cancer Wellness Foundation can help provide low cost medications through the on-site pharmacy at the Montgomery Cancer Center.

Our Patient Advocate works as a liaison between patients and pharmaceutical manufacturers, copay foundations and other drug assistance resources to negotiate co-pay assistance, reduced price or free medications.

Transportation assistance is available to help patients get to and from their cancer care. Assistance is tailored specifically to meet the patient’s needs.

National Cancer Awareness programs such as Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October are coordinated to celebrate cancer survivor-ship and help increase cancer awareness in our community.

We advocate for all patients regardless of their insurance status or income level.  Many patients need our help guiding and advocating on their behalf while they negotiate insurance issues or government programs such as Social Security, Disability, Medicaid and others.

Patient Assistance Programs help cancer patients who are battling cancer on a daily basis. Direct care is given to your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors. While some of these programs may be considered basic necessities – they are in fact lifesavers for many.

Since 2007, Cancer Wellness Foundation has provided over $43 million worth of products and services to central Alabama cancer patients.